Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I will miss you Cosmo! RIP. 11/28/1998 - 05/10/2011

I'm not sure if you have heard yet or not, but my beloved Cosmo passed away this am. He waited until I went to sleep and passed sometime between 1:30 and 7:00 this am. Helen came over this morning to help me with him. Thank goodness. I coudln't have done it without her. Cosmo loved Helen as much as she loved him. He was an awesome dog. I got him when he was 1.5 from a girl I worked with because they were moving and "couldn't" take him. That worked out to my benefit. He was so smart and such a great dog. He wanted nothing more than to please his owners. He wasn't much of a swimmer. He would swim a little with me, but sure wouldn't with others. He would however, walk by the edge of the pool if Calista or Diane were in the yard. He must have somehow known they weren't strong swimmers. He was great for sitting on the steps though. He begged for me to put socks on his feet (picture below later) when we went to the Cinders up in Flagstaff. When I was laid off, I taught him how to understand spelling, Spanish, and English for some words. He knew the difference, too. When he got older, I wouldn't make him switch between sitting and laying because I knew it was hard on him. When we would go walking with him, he would strut around like he was the "man". He was so handsome and he knew it. I even helped him "have" his puppies. That's a whole different story but you can probably figure out what I had to do to help him. If you want the story, ask either me or Amanda...I still laugh at her reaction. I will miss the noise of him brushing the floor to make his bed. He has done that since he was a puppy. I am so thankful I got our Christmas pictures taken last year. He still looked happy and healthy, even though he tried to jump out of the car without help and hurt himself and was getting eaten by ants during the photoshoot. I had hopes of having one more picture taken of the three boys and me before his passing but didn't get that done. : ( Below, is a scrapbook page I made a long time ago for Cosmo. Several names - One dog. I will miss him so much.

Here are some pictures I took of him recently. Cosmo laying on the tile floor one day when I was working from home. His normal spot. The one, is him laying on his back. I'm sure it helped ease the pain if he had any and I'm sure the cold tile felt really good on his shoulder with the lump. The other was just one of Cosie being Cosie.

Cosmo a few months ago. Hard to believe how he blends in with the tile on my floor isn't it? This was pre-lump in his shoulder but I'm sure it was there, just not pronounced.

Cosmo laying on his back on the cold tile to help his shoulder with the lump feel better.

One of the last pictures I took of Cosmo. Have to love the upside down ear.

Cosmo as a young dog. Back when he had no grey hair and actually played with toys. We used to shave him in the Summer.

Cosmo with Blake's socks on at the Cinders in Flagstaff. He begged for these socks so he could walk around.
Rest in peace big boy. I love you.

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