Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pickles with dried beef

I love this appetizer. It is easy to make but time consuming. I have taken these pickles to several family functions and they are always a hit. My mom made them when I was in High School and we had the appetizer portion of a progressive dinner with FHA or something like that. Since then, I have made them several times.

Dried beef (two jars)
Cream Cheese (two softened)
Petite dill pickles (I get them at Costco in a big jar)

Spread the cream on the dried beef round. Cut off the stems if there are any. Wrap the pickle in the beef and cheese. You will make a little log-type thing. Place plate of rolled pickles in refridgerator overnight. The next morning, slice the pickles with a serrated knife and add to a plate for the function you are taking it to. Keep the ends in a container for home eating.

Noodles, Noodles, Noodles

I'm the only grandchild on my mom's side that knows how to make Grandma Leona's homemade noodles. They have hit my site before but it's a very rare occassion that I make them. I wanted them for Thanksgiving so offered to make a batch. Well, because I know how they go over with my family, I made a HUGE batch. Gram always said a batch uses 3 eggs. I made 6 batches (one batch for home for later). I thought I would never get them rolled out and cut. First you mix the dough, then separate each batch into two. There was so much food there, I still brought some home and people got doggie bags. That's not normally something that happens. I was a little suprised honestly. The pictures below show the steps. I did learn a valuable lesson this time. When you make this big of a batch, you need to roll two bundles, cut two bundles. I mixed and rolled and let the dough dry too much before cutting. They still worked and tasted just as good, just they noodles weren't "fluffed" like they would have been cutting them after two. The picture of the finished pan of noodles is the batch I made for later. Trust me, the pan on Thanksgiving was the large roasting pan and it was full to the bottom ridge at the top.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddie

I went to a crop for breast cancer in October. As part of the crop cost, I received two layout kits. I knew I had to get this and use it for Maddie. It wasn't likely I would use a Snowhite layout for myself, although I could I guess. I changed it a little so Jodi could add Maddie's 5 year-old picture in a 5x7 rather than using two 4x6 pictures. I also added all the clear bling. I put this together the night before. It went together quickly, but I must have been tired as I added the bottom design crooked. Boy, I cringe when that happens. I have to learn that it's how it goes and not everything can be perfect.