Friday, May 18, 2012

Taco Salad Iowa style!

My cousin Linda used to take this taco salad to all the family reunions back in the day. I loved it and always wanted to eat the whole bowl. I finally received the recipe (not that it requires one really). Thanks for giving it to me Tracy. It tasted just as I remembered. I almost bought salsa to go in it instead of the Thousand Island dressing, but I refrained. I wanted it to taste like I remember so I used the dressing.

Taco seasoning
Onion chopped
Dorito chips
Thousand Island dressing

Brown hamburger with half the chopped onion. Add taco seasoning once ready. Add the last ingredients and stir everything together. Add the dressing and chips last. I broke up the chips to be added individually since I didn't want them to get soggy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Matt's Breakfast - My Birthday Breakfast

Pamela took me to Big Matt's Breakfast for my birthday. I saw this place on Guy Fieri's show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives a while back. I told Pamela about it and she thought it would be fun to go to as well. Because of when we got there and Pamela flying home and being allergic to eggs, she had what I will call the best cheeseburger around. I had the most gigantic omlet, pancake, hashbrowns and wheat toast that could be served. Here is me with the painting of Guy. Pamela and I both had our pictures taken here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dinner with Pamela and Preston

After 20+ years, Pamela and I saw each other again. We initially went to college together, she left to go to college in NM, and were reacquainted in 1991 when I moved to AZ and she happened to be my waitress. We hung out and were the best of buddies. Pamela moved back to Iowa shortly after that. Thanks to Facebook, we were reacquainted again. Preston, her son moved to Chandler, AZ a few months ago and Pamela came here for Mother's Day. She stayed at my house and we had a blast. She is one great gal. We picked up right where we left off so many years ago and I was able to meet Preston. We did a lot and had so much fun. This picture was the first night. We had some better ones from when we went to DC Steakhouse in Chandler. I will post one or two from there.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

With Sympathy - for Belinda

I do not like making sympathy cards at all. I seem to lose focus when I have to make one. For this, I used an old layout I had used before because it seems to work well for this type of card. The sketch is MOJO80. I also normally do not use the plain paper in the big packs. I did on this card. It is a lot thinner than using cardstock so I was able to use several layers and not have too thick of a card. All the patterned papers and green and peach layer are part of the MME Tres' Belle line. One thing I do like about this card is the soft colors and how well the patterns go together.

My coworker and friend Belinda and friend (Belinda's sister) Kathy's mom passed away. I made the card for all the work group to sign. I had everyone sign and then had to bring it home and add the additional bling back on. I lost some on the way in or around the office.

Supply list: MOJO80, SU vanilla, MME Tres Belle, SU sdcallop punch, sheer dotted peach ribbon, bling (2 sizes), Studio G - Kollette Hall stamp, SU chocolate chip ink