Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have had it! No more contests for me at work!

I normally wouldn't even give this much thought or much energy but it's REALLY getting to me. Today, we had a salsa contest at work for Cinco de Mayo. My coworker asked me to make salsa for it and make an extra batch for her and Andrea (those two...I can't even make enough salsa as they both like it sooooo much). So, anyway, as I was having fun last night at Jimmy's for Zalena's birthday celebration, I left much later than expected. I had to buy my ingredients from Walmart since our grocery stores close down by me (near retirement villages) at 11. I get home at about 11:45pm and begin making the salsa. I was up til 2 making it, then was overly tired and couldn't sleep until 3. Yes, had to still work today. So the reason of this post is for me to put it out there, just to gripe, get it off my chest, and then I'll be over it and will feel better.

I make this huge batch of salsa (14 cups to be exact) for the contest. Plus, I make a second batch for Belinda and Andrea to share. I bring my cute little chili pepper chip and dip holder that Madonna (dad's wife) gave me a long time ago. The girl in charge of the contest, knew which bowl was mine in the fridge and filled up the chili bowl at least 3 times which emptied out the bowl I brought it in, except for a tiny bit. I am taking home about an a 16th of a cup (which isn't much...reminants in bottom of bowl really). I didn't place. Not first, second, or third. Wow. That just seems crazy to me. I could totally understand if I left with almost as much as I came in with...but that wasn't the case. This happened one other time for a similar contest at work. I made chili for a chili cook off and calico beans won. Are you kidding me? At least this time, all salsa's were entered. So here it is...I'm saying it out loud...I'm done with contests at work. No more. It's too expensive for me and I really didn't even want to do it in the first place. Belinda talked me into it because she wanted some for her home and I knew Andrea would want some also.

Normally, I'm not one to even be perturbed about this kind of thing, and I'm not even sure why I am! It's a dumb contest at work for crying out loud. It's either the fact that I'm competitive more than I thought or I'm just mad that once again I leave with nothing and didn't even place.

Ok, I'm done. Hopefully, this will be the last post on my blog where I'm a negative Nellie.

Belinda and Andrea...I know you two will at least enjoy it and it can be your own personal first place winner salsa! Happy Cindo de Mayo everyone. Time for margaritas...or Pepsi in my case! Isn't it 5:00 somewhere?

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