Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black and White card-making day

We got together to make black and white cards on New Year's Day. It was a day our craft group had planned on for awhile. We were only to use black, white, and some grey. Do you know how hard that was for me? I wanted to add bright green or hot pink to some cards but I didn't. The next black and white day...I will add some color. I have already informed everyone they won't be just black and white next time. I made several cards so the girls could use as samples before hand. I looked at cards on Pinterest and if I liked the layout, I saved the card, took a screenshot so I didn't have to search my Pinterest boards, and made them. Even if they weren't black and white I used the layout. Here are all the cards I made either before hand or yesterday. For me, this many cards is basically unbelieveable since I normally get one or two cards made during our craft days. Just yesterday, I made the last 5 cards posted. WOW. And don't be fooled, a lot of these cards were created with me signing lines from my favorite songs or if the line from the song was appropriate to what I was doing. ;) (They are all in one post so I don't have to post something for each picture). I wrote down the recipe for most of the cards for the girls so they could easily duplicate.

I really like this one
And this one
This card will have some black brads added
This card...I am not so happy with

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