Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pickles with dried beef

I love this appetizer. It is easy to make but time consuming. I have taken these pickles to several family functions and they are always a hit. My mom made them when I was in High School and we had the appetizer portion of a progressive dinner with FHA or something like that. Since then, I have made them several times.

Dried beef (two jars)
Cream Cheese (two softened)
Petite dill pickles (I get them at Costco in a big jar)

Spread the cream on the dried beef round. Cut off the stems if there are any. Wrap the pickle in the beef and cheese. You will make a little log-type thing. Place plate of rolled pickles in refridgerator overnight. The next morning, slice the pickles with a serrated knife and add to a plate for the function you are taking it to. Keep the ends in a container for home eating.

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