Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jackson in my Ghetto Pool

I had to do it...I bought this little $20 pool over Memorial Day weekend because all I really need is a place to lay out and be able to splash water on me now and then. I filled it up and for two weekends, Jackson would come to get some pets and sips of water and lean so far in, he would almost be in the water. Well, just as you would expect, I emptied it and refilled it during the third weekend, went in to put swimsuit on, and came out to Jackson laying in it, then sitting in the little pool. I couldn't help it, he looked so cute and happy, how could I be mad and make him get out? I asked him what he was doing in my pool and he looked at me like "Mom, I'm laying here, geeze." He couldn't lay his head down because of the water, so used the edge to rest his head. How cute is he? Could he look any happier?

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